Welcome To Concord Cleaners & South County Cleaners

Dry Cleaning Since 1958

Dry Cleaning Since 1958

Professional dry-cleaning in St. Louis since 1958 at three locations: Concord Cleaners North, Concord Cleaners South and South County Cleaners in Mehlville.

There are many reasons why we will make you and your clothes look their BEST

  • Expert Spotting & Stain Removal
  • Maintaining Pure Whites
  • Pressing
  • Owner: John Hendrickson
  • A Superior Business Philosophy

Pride – Commitment – Quality


“We take pride in making you and your clothes look their best.  We are committed to giving you great services and helping make your life a little easier by doing the extras.  When you use our services the quality will show. Looking forward to serving you.” - John Hendrickson - Owner and Former Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year

Specializing In:

  • Wedding/Bridal Gown Restoration and Preservation
  • Christening Gown Restoration and Preservation
  • Difficult Stain Removal
  • Drapery Cleaning
  • Leather

Why Us?

Since 1958, we have been the best shirt and casual wear laundry in St. Louis, MO

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