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September 2016

Crisp Curtains Before Company Arrives

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dreamstime_xxl_29315984-1When you’re preparing for house guests, you take the time to clean every room, making sure it’s spotless when company arrives. You dust, vacuum, and wash the sheets and linens for each bed. But what about those curtains hanging in the guest rooms? You can take them outside and try to get the dust off of them, but even after you do that, they still don’t look as bright and clean as you’d like. At Concord Cleaners in St. Louis, we offer professional curtain cleaning that can take care of any stains or dingy spots.

Light, Dark, Thick, and Sheer Curtains

Your home doesn’t have just one type of curtain, and we don’t clean just one type of curtain. Dark curtains will show more dust, while light curtains will display dirt and stains more easily. We know how to properly clean both light and dark curtains, as well as how to maintain and restore their original color. We also understand how to treat both thick and sheer curtains, including those with lace details. We handle every curtain with care, and will return them to you looking like they did the first day you hung them.

If you don’t have the time to clean your curtains, or you don’t think of it until a few days before company arrives, bring them to one of our three St. Louis locations today. We can expertly dry clean, press, and prepare them for rehanging, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. We can also take care of any table linens, placemats, cloth napkins, and anything else you may need while company is visiting.

Creative Clothes Storage Ideas

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If you live in a small apartment or older home in St. Louis, you may struggle to find appropriate places to store your clothes. At Concord Cleaners, we’ve helped hundreds of locals with minimum closet space store their clothing in a safe and temperature-controlled environment. If you’re looking for innovative ways to store clothes throughout your home without the help of a dry cleaner or storage space, below are a few creative ways to store your clothes in a close-knit environment.

Add A Shelved Rack

If your home lacks the amount of closet space needed to store all of your clothes and shoes, consider adding a shelved rack outside of your garage or in a bathroom. A shelved rack is a great storage solution for shoes, as you can line them up side by side in a tidy and clutter-free order. If there are clothing items you wish to store on the rack, try organizing different items in separate bins. This will help keep your tops organized from your bottoms, and your socks organized from your underwear.

clothing folded and ready for storageUtilize The Space Under Your Bed

If your bed is resting on a bed frame, chances are there is some unused space beneath your mattress. While the space under your bed may have been scary as a kid, it can actually provide you with a great space to organize your seasonal clothes, shoes and handbags. Consider purchasing rolling storage drawers or plastic bins that will slide seamlessly underneath your bed for a more convenient option. If your bed is too low to the ground to fit anything underneath it, opt for simple bed risers to add some height and storage room for your belongings.

Rotate Clothes That Are Out Of Season

If you’re home or apartment is short on storage space, try cycling out clothes that are out of season. Instead of storing your big winter jacket in your only closet all year-round, store it in a sealed plastic bin, trunk or suitcase to break out next season.

If you need professional clothing storage in the St. Louis area, Concord Cleaners offers safe and convenient clothing storage services for people who need a little more space. We offer a temperature-regulated facility to store all of your clothing, bedding and household fabrics in addition to our dry cleaning and laundry services. Contact one of our three St. Louis facilities today or give us a call to learn more about our clothing storage solutions!