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Keeping Ties in Good Shape

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Men are notorious for spilling food on our suits and having to run them to the dry cleaners before the mustard can set into their lapel. As the best dry cleaner and laundry service in the St. Louis area, Concord Cleaners understands a thing or two about keeping dress clothes in good shape. While suits are often the clothing item most often associated with dry cleaning services, there is one piece of a man’s ensemble that often gets overlooked in the cleaning and upkeep process. Ties are the clothing item that, well, ties everything together. However, they are often cast aside or forgotten, meaning that they are much more likely to suffer an early trip to the garbage than the rest of your closet. Rather than seeing your ties fall victim to an premature retirement, Concord Cleaners has you covered. Whether you need clothing repair, alteration, or cleaning, we can make sure your ties stay in good shape and, if you spill something on them or see a small rip, will restore them to full vibrance. We have some tips to ensure your ties are cared for, even when you can’t bring them into one of our three St. Louis dry cleaning locations.


Untie Them

Nothing feels better than unbuttoning the top button and sliding a tie off after a long day at the office. It is so much easier to simply loosen the tie and leave it knotted, but this is an awful idea if you want some longevity out of your neckwear. While most ties are made of silk, a material which is made to be tied repeatedly while maintaining its shape, leaving a tie in a knot can spell disaster after a while. Ties can become permanently creased if left in one spot or position too long, so instead of tossing it to the side, take a minute to untie your ties and leave them in their natural shape.

Hang Them

Speaking of natural shape, ties are not meant to be folded. Similar to leaving them tied for too long, folding your ties can have negative effects. One of the detriments to folding your ties is that they may become less reasonable when tying them, meaning you will have to try more than once to acquire the shape, length, and knot you want. Instead, at the very least, try to hang them on a hanger so they drape and fall naturally, using gravity to their advantage. Better yet, if you are able to, investing in a tie rack is a great clothing storage solution. They come in a variety of styles, and are often designed with ergonomics and closet space in mind. As soon as you get home, take a minute to hang your ties rather than throwing them in the nearest drawer.

Don’t be overwhelmed when it comes to keeping your ties in the same high-quality shape as the rest of your wardrobe. When untying and hanging them isn’t enough, bring your clothes to the experts at Concord Cleaners. Our expert dry cleaners will be able to restore your ties, suits, gowns, and other valuable clothing items and ensure you look your best.

How Often Should Suits be Dry Cleaned?

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closet-suitA clean suit can make the difference between getting the job you’ve been waiting for and continuing your search. Suits are expensive garments and should be well-maintained in order to preserve their look and longevity. As such, you may be curious what the right amount of dry cleaning service is right for business suits, and the team at Concord Cleaners is here to help. Whether you live in a suit day-in and day-out, or only open the hanging bag on special occasions, we will make sure your garments are looking their best so they will be ready when called on.


The frequency of dry cleaning for suits is variable depending on how often they are worn. Wearing the same suit daily means it will acquire a lot of wear, tear, dirt, and grime. As such, this situation will call for far more visits to the dry cleaner. If, on the other hand, you don’t wear a suit to work every day and instead only need to wear a suit occasionally, the need to have your two-piece getup dry cleaned drops severely. The accumulation on a less-worn suit will obviously be lower than that of your daily suit, so cleaning them at the same time with the same regularity would not be useful and might even be harmful.

small-images-dycleaningshirtsYou Don’t Need It As Often as you Think

Just like we have all learned you don’t need to wash your hair everyday or can drink less than a gallon of water and live, your suits can also survive on less dry cleaning than you may have initially thought. You can take quality care of a suit by spot cleaning and brushing it as well as hanging it up rather than leaving your jacket folded over the back of a chair for a week with the pants draped across it. Spot cleaning and brushing will be useful to take care of small blemishes that are easy to get rid of, rather than worrying about a non-harmful stain. If you are fighting fast-acting stainers like mustard or red wine, bring your garment to us as soon as possible, but otherwise most stains should be manageable at home and proper ventilation and hanging will do wonders for longevity.

Having a Rotation of Suits Will Help

If you only own one suit, this advice is harder to follow. One suit worn daily will be under tremendous stress from all of the external elements, which means it will need dry cleaning more often, which can lead to the suit wearing out faster than anticipated. If at all possible, spend some money you would put towards dry cleaning into purchasing at least one more suit to spread out usage and cut the wear and tear, as well as cleaning necessity, in half.

If you are in need of a quality dry cleaner for your suits, gowns, or uniforms, Concord Cleaners has you covered. We have three locations in St. Louis and are proud to provide quality dry cleaning services to the area. Stop by today and get your clothes taken care of or give us a call and find out more about our other services today!

Why Your Suits Need Dry Cleaning

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blog-suitIt is a question you may ask yourself as you drop several suits off to be dry cleaned: why do these have to be dry cleaned? Why couldn’t you just take care of it at home by throwing them in the washing machine and be done with it? While we understand having to get your suits dry cleaned can be an annoyance, it is important you do so. Today, we want to lay out some of the most crucial reasons for having your suits dry cleaned by a professional in order to save yourself from having to buy new or ruining an old favorite.


Suits are often made of a specific kind of material, namely wool. Wool is a fickle material that, when washed in water and dried, will be subject to shrinking and becoming deformed. Another piece of the puzzle often overlooked is the lining of your suit jackets. Because of the numerous different materials potentially present in a suit jacket, as well as the stitching and sewing processes involved, washing it with regular soap and water can lead to an uneven stretching and shrinking, which equals a mangled jacket. Instead, using a cleaning method that evenly cleans the jacket and pants without the risk of shrinkage is crucial in preserving them.

Preserving the Patterns

Speaking of preservation, not only do you need to preserve the integrity of the suit itself, but also the pattern of your suit. You favorite navy pinstripes won’t last if they are continually matted down by grime and dirt. Even a subtle pattern like grey herringbone can begin to lose its vitality if left unwashed for a long time. Dry cleaning will clean the suit without ruining the integrity, and also allows the patterns of your suit to be revitalized. Rather than people wondering what suit you have on, your brown windowpane attire will pop, showcasing your fashion knowledge, as well as your smarts when it comes to laundry.

small-images-laundryFixing Small Rips & Tears

Apart from being cleaning aficionados, the dry cleaning experts at Concord Cleaners also know how important it is to check for small rips and tears in your suits. Whether the hem is fraying on the cuff of your pants or a seam is starting to come loose on the shoulder of the jacket, you won’t need to worry about doing further damage. If a button pops off of your jacket when you button it, we can sew it back on or help you attach a replacement without issue. Dry cleaners give you the opportunity to not only revitalize your clothes, but also repair them without the pressure put on your own hands.

The team here at Concord Cleaners wants you to trust us with all of your dry cleaning needs, from suits to wedding dresses and everything in between. If you want to keep your suits looking their best, dry cleaning is the best option out there. Luckily for you, we have three locations in the St. Louis area to make finding your quality neighborhood dry cleaner a breeze. Drop off your garments or give us a call to set up a pickup or delivery option!