How Often Should Suits be Dry Cleaned?

By January 17, 2017Blog, Dry Cleaners St Louis

closet-suitA clean suit can make the difference between getting the job you’ve been waiting for and continuing your search. Suits are expensive garments and should be well-maintained in order to preserve their look and longevity. As such, you may be curious what the right amount of dry cleaning service is right for business suits, and the team at Concord Cleaners is here to help. Whether you live in a suit day-in and day-out, or only open the hanging bag on special occasions, we will make sure your garments are looking their best so they will be ready when called on.


The frequency of dry cleaning for suits is variable depending on how often they are worn. Wearing the same suit daily means it will acquire a lot of wear, tear, dirt, and grime. As such, this situation will call for far more visits to the dry cleaner. If, on the other hand, you don’t wear a suit to work every day and instead only need to wear a suit occasionally, the need to have your two-piece getup dry cleaned drops severely. The accumulation on a less-worn suit will obviously be lower than that of your daily suit, so cleaning them at the same time with the same regularity would not be useful and might even be harmful.

small-images-dycleaningshirtsYou Don’t Need It As Often as you Think

Just like we have all learned you don’t need to wash your hair everyday or can drink less than a gallon of water and live, your suits can also survive on less dry cleaning than you may have initially thought. You can take quality care of a suit by spot cleaning and brushing it as well as hanging it up rather than leaving your jacket folded over the back of a chair for a week with the pants draped across it. Spot cleaning and brushing will be useful to take care of small blemishes that are easy to get rid of, rather than worrying about a non-harmful stain. If you are fighting fast-acting stainers like mustard or red wine, bring your garment to us as soon as possible, but otherwise most stains should be manageable at home and proper ventilation and hanging will do wonders for longevity.

Having a Rotation of Suits Will Help

If you only own one suit, this advice is harder to follow. One suit worn daily will be under tremendous stress from all of the external elements, which means it will need dry cleaning more often, which can lead to the suit wearing out faster than anticipated. If at all possible, spend some money you would put towards dry cleaning into purchasing at least one more suit to spread out usage and cut the wear and tear, as well as cleaning necessity, in half.

If you are in need of a quality dry cleaner for your suits, gowns, or uniforms, Concord Cleaners has you covered. We have three locations in St. Louis and are proud to provide quality dry cleaning services to the area. Stop by today and get your clothes taken care of or give us a call and find out more about our other services today!