Starching Your Shirts

By December 7, 2016Blog, Dry Cleaners St Louis

If you walk into one of our dry cleaning locations (because why would you go to any other dry cleaner?) and drop off your dress shirts, you may hear us ask if you would like your collars or shirts starched. Often, people will say yes or no without a second thought, but have you ever wondered why we ask about starching your clothes? The team here at Concord Cleaners wants to explain the point of starching your shirts and why you may want to say yes the next time we offer.

What is Clothing Starch?

If, when you hear the word starch, you think of potatoes or noodles, you would be on the right track. Starch is a byproduct of vegetables, more often than not corn, that is used as a thickening agent in cooking. When this solid is combined with water it becomes a viscous, sprayable agent. Because of the utility in stiffening and thickening, sprayable and dispersible items are great for clothing. So what use does starch have for your shirts?


Your Collars Will Cooperate

Ironing the collar on a dress shirt can be a chore in and of itself. From flattening, ironing, reshaping, then buying, using, and keeping track of collar stays, you run into numerous avoidable issues. If you use starch when ironing your collar, no longer will you have to worry about it falling down and losing its shape halfway through your morning meeting. Applying clothing starch will give your collar hold and allow it to maintain its form without the worry of one turn of the neck ruining your entire look. They will also be more forgiving if you lose a collar stay or end up taking a tie on or off throughout the day.

Wrinkling Will Be Less of an Issue

Starch is beneficial for the rest of your shirt as well. A shirt that has been starched and ironed will hold up against the blemish of wrinkles far more than it would without it. With a starched shirt putting on a jacket during a snowstorm won’t be a death sentence for your well-pressed, sharp looking shirt. Instead, you will be able to resist the onslaught of wrinkles and continue looking your best.

Why do We Use Starch?

When we return your clothes after you’ve entrusted them to our care, we want to make sure the hard work we have put in is preserved. Rather than seeing your freshly laundered dress shirts wrinkled after a short ride in the back seat of your car, instead you will see an ideal shirt ready to be worn for that important date you have tomorrow night or the jacket you wear every time you have an important presentation.

Concord Cleaners is here to make sure your clothes stay in the best shape possible. From dress shirts to pants to wedding gowns, our dry cleaning experts have the know-how to ensure quality for a long time. Drop by one of our three locations in the St. Louis area and experience the Concord Cleaners difference.