Why Your Suits Need Dry Cleaning

By January 3, 2017Blog, Dry Cleaners St Louis

blog-suitIt is a question you may ask yourself as you drop several suits off to be dry cleaned: why do these have to be dry cleaned? Why couldn’t you just take care of it at home by throwing them in the washing machine and be done with it? While we understand having to get your suits dry cleaned can be an annoyance, it is important you do so. Today, we want to lay out some of the most crucial reasons for having your suits dry cleaned by a professional in order to save yourself from having to buy new or ruining an old favorite.


Suits are often made of a specific kind of material, namely wool. Wool is a fickle material that, when washed in water and dried, will be subject to shrinking and becoming deformed. Another piece of the puzzle often overlooked is the lining of your suit jackets. Because of the numerous different materials potentially present in a suit jacket, as well as the stitching and sewing processes involved, washing it with regular soap and water can lead to an uneven stretching and shrinking, which equals a mangled jacket. Instead, using a cleaning method that evenly cleans the jacket and pants without the risk of shrinkage is crucial in preserving them.

Preserving the Patterns

Speaking of preservation, not only do you need to preserve the integrity of the suit itself, but also the pattern of your suit. You favorite navy pinstripes won’t last if they are continually matted down by grime and dirt. Even a subtle pattern like grey herringbone can begin to lose its vitality if left unwashed for a long time. Dry cleaning will clean the suit without ruining the integrity, and also allows the patterns of your suit to be revitalized. Rather than people wondering what suit you have on, your brown windowpane attire will pop, showcasing your fashion knowledge, as well as your smarts when it comes to laundry.

small-images-laundryFixing Small Rips & Tears

Apart from being cleaning aficionados, the dry cleaning experts at Concord Cleaners also know how important it is to check for small rips and tears in your suits. Whether the hem is fraying on the cuff of your pants or a seam is starting to come loose on the shoulder of the jacket, you won’t need to worry about doing further damage. If a button pops off of your jacket when you button it, we can sew it back on or help you attach a replacement without issue. Dry cleaners give you the opportunity to not only revitalize your clothes, but also repair them without the pressure put on your own hands.

The team here at Concord Cleaners wants you to trust us with all of your dry cleaning needs, from suits to wedding dresses and everything in between. If you want to keep your suits looking their best, dry cleaning is the best option out there. Luckily for you, we have three locations in the St. Louis area to make finding your quality neighborhood dry cleaner a breeze. Drop off your garments or give us a call to set up a pickup or delivery option!