Winter is Coming: How to Avoid Winter Stains

snow-blogIt may seem odd, but winter brings with it a great risk at staining your clothes. When the cold strikes, you may think that you and your clothes are in the clear. However, as you are preparing for those days where two sweaters and a coat are barely enough, remember that these items still run the risk of being stained and soiled. Since we are quickly approaching the cold season, Concord Cleaners wants to help you prepare and know what to do if and when you come into contact with Mother Nature.

Main Culprits: Mud and Salt

Your shoes and pants are likely to be on the frontlines when it comes to the winter elements. Snow, road salt, and muddy slush are obstacles we all have to endure once the leaves are done falling. When you are walking across dark melted snow and fighting against whipping winds, the mud and salt are far more likely to cling to your clothing. There are some easy tricks to ensure those clothing blemishes don’t remain or set.

Vinegar is a Wonderful Thing

If you are one of the brave souls who elects to wear a shoe that is not weather resistant and is instead made of a more sleek material like leather or suede, mud will cling to those items and refuse to go away. For a quick fix, mixing vinegar with water for leather or baking soda for suede is a sure-fire way to save the integrity of the material. It will break down the stain and allow it to disperse more easily and get the shoe as close to perfect as possible. Using a soft-bristle shoe brush will also help keep the material in top shape.

Salt Stains on Your Outer Layers

When the rain is pouring or snow is whipping down sideways, it’s best if you are wearing a waterproof or resistant outer layer, namely a coat or jacket. Staying dry is especially important in the cold, but your coats will take some hits. If you see white, wavy marks, salt stains have arrived as a result of the de-icing tools used out on the road. You may be in a slight panic, but this is nothing to worry about. Simply use plain water or the combination of white distilled vinegar and water with a cloth and gently brush the stains away. Your winter clothes will thank you for keeping them clean and ensuring their longevity.
Concord Cleaners knows the winter months can be harsh on your clothes. If you need some garments cleaned by the pros, we are proud to service the St. Louis area with our expertise. Stop by today!