clothing storage

At Concord Cleaners in St. Louis, we are experts in treating clothing of all styles and materials. We offer safe clothing storage, as well as highly professional laundry and dry cleaning services. Do you have small closets or need a humidity-controlled environment for storing vintage or delicate items? Try our convenient clothing storage services!

Why Store Your Clothes at Concord?

If your home is lacking in closet and storage space, consider storing some of your garments at Concord Cleaners. We will clean your items and keep them in our safe clothing storage facilities until you need them. This service is ideal if you wish to store your winter clothes during the summer, then when autumn comes around, you can pick up your winter wear and we will clean and store your summer clothes. Take advantage of this affordable and convenient service!

Safe Clothing Storage Facilities

We offer a regulated area for the storage of clothing, bedding, and other household fabrics. Our clothing storage facilities are temperature controlled and humidity controlled to ensure safe storage. When storing garments and other items, it’s important to avoid exposure to moisture, heat, and sunlight, as these things can cause fabrics to wear and fade over time. For more garment preservation tips, visit our Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation page.

Other Convenient Clothing Services

In addition to safe clothing storage, we offer several other clothing services to make your laundry and dry cleaning experience as easy and convenient as possible. Don’t have time to do your own laundry? Try our Wash-and-Fold laundry service. Don’t have time to pick up your laundry or dry cleaning? To ensure top convenience, we offer Free Delivery with every order. Arrange to have your clothing cleaned, pressed, folded, and delivered right to your doorstep.

Have questions about our clothing storage services? Need to store a particular item? Contact us. We offer friendly, affordable service—and Free Delivery!