Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning

Concord Cleaners in St. Louis has over 50 years of dry cleaning experience and expertise. We’re dedicated to providing quality service—first, last, and always. We offer professional dry cleaning services for the following items:

  • Wedding gowns
  • Casual and formal wear
  • Household items
  • Fur, leather, and suede
  • And more…just ask!

We also provide Wash-and-Fold laundry service and other special services, including reweaving, minor alterations and repairs (e.g. button replacement), professional pressing, and free delivery. Learn more about our Special Services.

New to Concord Cleaners? Enjoy $5 off your first dry cleaning, plus your first shirt laundered for free.

Free Delivery!

Don’t have time to pick up your dry cleaning? No worries. In addition to high-quality cleaning services, we offer Free Delivery for maximum convenience. We can take care of all the work for you and promptly deliver your clothing, bedding, and other items as soon as they’ve been cleaned, pressed, and folded as needed. Arrange to have your dry cleaning dropped off at your door—for free!

Expert Spot and Stain Removal

Some stains will not come out by dry clean or with water. We are the best at getting these stubborn stains out. Our experienced cleaning professionals will put in the extra effort and do everything possible to safely remove a stain. If another cleaner was not able to remove a difficult stain, give us the chance to try and remove it. We enjoy the challenge and have a high success rate.

Maintaining Pure Whites

At Concord Cleaners, we are very good at keeping your whites pure, clean, and bright. We have a second dry cleaning machine that is used just for whites and light colors. Our cleaning process has been modified and refined over the years to achieve the best results. We have the expertise needed to keep your white clothing, wedding gowns, and household items looking their brightest.

Have questions about our services? Need help cleaning a particular item? Contact us!
We offer expert Dry Cleaning, Wash-and-Fold laundry service, and Free Delivery.