At Concord Cleaners, we have over 50 years of dry cleaning and laundry expertise, and we understand that the best way to make your clothing, bedding, and other household items last as long as possible is with high-quality cleaning methods. Here are some laundry and dry cleaning tips to help you get the most out of your current wardrobe:

  • Check tags and labels. Garment labels are there for a reason. They will let you know whether a specific item can go in the dryer, whether it needs to be washed at a particular temperature or setting, or if it’s dry clean only.
  • Don’t put “dry clean only” items in the washer. If you have clothing, bedding, or other items labeled “dry clean only,” come visit us at one of our three South St. Louis dry cleaning locations.
  • Always dry clean your lace items. Lace is not fit for washing in water, as it is extremely delicate. Be sure to have your lace dresses and other lace garments professionally dry cleaned.
  • Sort white clothes from colors. Don’t skip this step! Sorting your laundry is key to keeping your white clothes brighter and your colorful clothes more vibrant. At Concord Cleaners, we have a second dry cleaning machine that is only used for whites and light colors. We are experts at keeping your whites pure and bright.
  • Use safe and effective stain removal methods. Some stain removers (e.g. bleaches) are very harsh and may damage your clothing, bedding, or other items. Be sure to read the instructions listed on the stain remover’s label, and always test the product on a discreet area of fabric before using it. For basic stain removal tips, check out For especially stubborn stains, you can count on Concord Cleaners for help. We have an impressive success rate and welcome the challenge of trying to remove very difficult stains.
  • Avoid using wire hangers. To prevent creasing, it’s best to hang your clothes on wooden or thicker plastic hangers instead of wire hangers. Whether formal or casual, consider having your clothes professionally pressed to make them look their best.

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