laundry service

At Concord Cleaners, we offer a full range of laundry and dry cleaning services. When it comes to laundry, you name it, we probably do it. We have more than 50 years of experience treating clothing, bedding, curtains, and more. In addition to expert laundering and stain removal, we also provide professional pressing, decorator folding, Wash-and-Fold laundry service, and Free Delivery.

Laundry Service

If you need it cleaned, we can most likely do it. We will treat your clothing and household items with the best care to help you get the most out of your current wardrobe, draperies, and linens. Here are some of the laundry services we provide for various items:

  • Men’s and women’s shirts and blouses—machine or hand-pressed
  • Knit shirts—laundered and steam pressed
  • Formal shirts, casual pants, and jeans—laundered and pressed
  • Medium and heavy starch garments—wet pressed (dried on the press) and very, very stiff
  • Sheets, curtains, and drapes—laundered, pressed, and decorated folded
  • Table cloths, napkins, placemats, and commercial table skirts—fluffed and folded
  • Sheets, pillow cases, lab coats, handkerchiefs—fluffed and folded
  • Normal laundry—laundered, dried, and folded
  • And more…just ask!


We are committed to providing a highly satisfactory and convenient customer experience. In addition to Free Delivery, we offer Wash-and-Fold laundry service for top convenience. If laundry isn’t your favorite chore, or you simply don’t have time to get it done on your own, our Wash-and-Fold laundry service is a fantastic option. Just drop off your clothes and we’ll take care of the rest. Your clothes will be professionally laundered, dried, and folded. From jeans and tees to casual work clothes, suits, and dresses, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

Stain Removal

Some stains will not come out by dry cleaning or with water. We are the best at getting out these stubborn stains. We are committed to using the safest and most effective cleaning methods. Our experienced cleaning professionals will put in the extra effort and do everything possible to safely remove a stain. If another cleaner was not able to remove a difficult stain, give us the chance to try to remove it. We enjoy the challenge and have a high success rate!

Visit us at one of our three South St. Louis locations for excellent service—and Free Delivery!