wedding gown cleaning

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Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

At Concord Cleaners, we specialize in wedding gown cleaning, restoration, and preservation. Our garment specialists will carefully clean, restore, steam, press, preserve, and/or finish your gown for any occasion—whether it’s for a wedding ceremony, Christening, or anniversary party. We understand that your wedding dress is no ordinary garment. We use the safest and most effective cleaning methods, and regardless of if you bring us a brand new dress or a 50-year-old vintage gown, we are committed to giving your garment the expert care it deserves.

Why Trust Concord Cleaners with Your Gown?

Concord Cleaners has offered special garment cleaning since 1958, and wedding gown restoration and preservation services since 1982. We treat hundreds of wedding and Christening gowns each year, and we have the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the best results. No two wedding dresses are the same. Our expert cleaning professionals will meet with you one-on-one and treat your wedding or Christening gown with personal, individualized care. You can trust your dress will be handled delicately and respectfully, with attention to the smallest details.

Individualized Restoration and Cleaning Process

First, our specialists inspect your gown to determine the best method of stain removal. Once stains are removed, your garment is delicately cleaned and dried. It is then post-treated for any remaining stains and re-cleaned as needed. Finally, your gown is hand-pressed or steamed and carefully packaged, ready to be worn or safely stored. You can choose to have it preserved and boxed for storage, or finish-pressed for immediate reuse. You may also choose to have your garment hung—to be displayed at an event such as a wedding anniversary party.

Wedding Gown Preservation Tips

In preparation for long-term storage, we recommend the following garment preservation tips:

  • Be sure to have your wedding dress or Christening gown preserved as soon as possible to prevent stains from setting.
  • Store your garment in a cool, dry space.
  • Maintain a constant temperature in the space where your garment is stored.
  • Avoid exposing the dress to sunlight, damp basements, and stale attics.

Have questions about our wedding gown cleaning and preservation services? Contact us. We offer competitive pricing, friendly service, and a knowledgeable staff committed to giving your gown the specialized care it deserves.